2 Head Trash Clearing Solutions For You

Two months into 2015 how are you tracking? If you’re thinking, oh crap, another year like last year, Solution A is for you.  If you’ve had a rough time with family illness or death, then Solution B will help you keep going.  Both clear head trash, giving you clarity and leaving you feeling lighter and more in control.
Solution A:  Success Map

Firstly you’ll learn how you’ve ended up with the life map you’re currently using – it’s not actually your parents’ fault either. We’ll pinpoint exactly where you are across all areas of your life (if you don’t really know where you are, how can you find your way?), decide where you want to go, what to focus on, and map out your next steps to take.  By the end you’ll understand yourself and what’s really happening so much better.  Allow 1.5 hours via Skype or in person in a Redcliffe waterfront café.

Solution B:  De-stress Express

Firstly you’ll experience the bliss from having a quiet mind, and I’ll teach you how to do it yourself. Next is my classic powerful Problem Dissolving process which will give you relief from and/or solutions for 2-4 current problems.  We’ll finish by teaching you how to tap into all 3 of your sources of internal wisdom for guidance, so you never need feel at a loss again.  Allow 1 hour via Skype.  It’s not a coffee-shop friendly session.

Each solution is $195 including gst.   As a super bonus to Growing Content newsletter readers, this is refunded if you decide you’d love to continue clearing head trash with me in either in the Kick Start Internal Image Makeover (6-12 weeks) or Let Go & Grow 3 Phase Transition Coaching program (12 months).

To book your solution call me on 07 3103 2679 or 0428 128 679 Monday – Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.     Out of hours please email coaching@growingcontent.com.au



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