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I’m heading off to Laos in March to run 2 workshops for ‘single wives’ and their spouses: “Putting the ‘I’ back into your LFE” (women only) and “De-stress For Success” For dates and everything else you need to know click

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EXCITING NEWS!!! My book editor says it’s “bloody good”.

Clearing head trash has never been so easy! My editor says my book manuscript is “bloody good” !

So to celebrate the coming release of my much anticipated book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” I’ve packaged up a pre-release super bonus deal for you.

It includes my book (of course!) – think of it as a self-change kit. It introduces my original work on identifying and changing your unconsciuos blueprint (life changing!), plus loads of fascinating case studies, practical techniques and exercises to really shift your head trash off your path. Use it at home and at work to help others too. No need to be concerned it’s a hard slog – I wrote it to be easily read by the over-worked, stressed, what-the-hell-am-I-doing person.

PLUS my classic powerful Problem Dissolving Process recorded just for you on CD, with full instructions. I’ve been using this process with client

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The Little Well

The Little Well kept giving and giving as she had always done, allowing everyone to take whatever they needed from her. The difference now was that her level started to drop because no water was being added. The people noticed and became concerned.

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Understanding The 4 Fears Ruling Your Life – Part 3 Loss of Control

Every woman is different, and Anna identified that what she really wanted was to reconnect with her husband, and inject some fun into her life, so that’s what we then focussed on.
Jane, on the other hand, really valued family connection, so in the same situation she chose to reorganise her working week to allow space and de-stress time, and to work on clearing her underlying fears of childbirth.

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3 Steps To A Stress Free Night’s Sleep

3 Steps For A Stress Free Night’s Sleep – Sue Lester 1.       At the End Of Your Working Day:  Just before shutting down your PC, plan out your next day, transferring any unfinished tasks across. Prioritise the top 3, and

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Jetlag Bugs Heat Floods Chemo – Time To De-Stress! (BONUS free session)

If you’re feeling very tired, foggy headed, irritable, unmotivated, helpless, teary and/or having trouble sleeping then absolutely the answer for you is on Saturday 12 February “De-Stress For Success” workshop. BONUS free sessions.

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De-Stress For Success 1 Day Workshops 2011

De-Stress for Success 1 Day Workshops De-stress now to regain self control, perspective, and greater success in your business and personal relationships.  Make this year YOUR year. Spend a day with Sue Lester, Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, and Personal

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Success Story from De-Stress For Success Part 1

Ingrid Burton:  Psychotherapist  Sue’s workshops are like a full mind-body workout and they really work. Having done YEARS pof psychotherapy training and development myself,  I had no expectations of the course but came with the intention NOT to be a therapist

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

WIN WIN LOVING EBOOK 3D image smallThe secret to even more loving relationships, harmonious homes and workplaces. Get your FREE DOWNLOAD now, plus receive monthly head trash clearing tips via email.

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