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Loneliness: the hidden killer, and the positive side.

Loneliness, as you age, increases your odds of any early death by 45%, beating obesity at 20% and alcoholism at 30%.  That’s worth taking notice of. Loneliness isn’t something to be ashamed of, nor is it the domain of the

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You Can Disagree And Both Be 100% Right

Next time someone insists he is right, when you know he’s not, remember two things: He is right. Him being right does not make you wrong. You can both be right while holding opposing views. That’s probably not what you

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Are you overcomplicating things?

Last night I sat in Bille Brown Studio experiencing Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull” for the second time this year.  What an incredibly different experience! They could have almost been different plays. It started me thinking about how easily, in our quest

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2 Head Trash Clearing Solutions For You

Two months into 2015 how are you tracking? If you’re thinking, oh crap, another year like last year, Solution A is for you.  If you’ve had a rough time with family illness or death, then Solution B will help you

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Radio interviews

CLICK HERE to listen to the latest radio interviews of Sue Lester by Katherine Lodge of Health Professional Radio on the impact of your unconscious blueprint on parental behaviour, fertility & unexplained infertility, and changing workplace dynamics  

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Lessons From Laos #1 People treat us how we train them to

Reflecting on my recent trip to Laos, running workshops and coaching sessions with the ex-pat women, a few ‘lessons’ have occurred to me.  This is the first: #1  People treat us how we train, then allow them to. Perhaps, like

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Are tears a sign of weakness or strength?

What’s your automatic response to tears?  Do you feel embarrassed?  Do you immediately start to soothe and hush, aiming to stop the tears asap?  Do you have a different response if it’s a male rather than female crying?  Do you

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Confessions of a procrastinating writer

I just came across this start of an post in the 2013 Drafts…rather ironic really! “How long did it take you to write your book?” is a common question, but there’s no simple answer. The actually writing time was much

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