Learn Self-Hypnosis

How to learn Self Hypnosis

How to learn Self Hypnosis AUDIO DOWNLOAD

How to Learn Self-Hypnosis  (Audio download)


This is the easiest way to learn self-hypnosis and how to utilise it in a variety of powerful ways, from relaxation to problem solving to performance enhancement.

Whether you are aware of it or not, each day you spend time in trance, either of your own accord (day dreaming) or by others (TV, movies, books, games). Rather than passively being programmed by others, this CD puts the power back into your own hands.

Learning self-hypnosis is much easier than you might expect. Once you’ve learnt how many ways you can use it to relax, to tap into your own deep unconscious wisdom and to enhance your performance at work, in sport, public speaking, and personal relationships you’ll be transforming your life daily.  You’ll be self-programming yourself for success, rather than failure or boring mediocrity.

Imagine what a difference that will make!   This CD is part of Sue Lester’s Head Trash Clearing Series.

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Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

About the author

Sue Lester is a catalyst of change and adventurer at heart. She travels the globe exploring ways to helping people break through their boundaries.  In demand as a key note speaker, head transition coach and facilitator, Sue inspires and facilitates the mindset shifts from self-sabotage to self-motivation. After an inspirational moment during a client session, Sue discovered and started researching the existence and impact of our unconscious blueprints, and most importantly, how to change it for good, as you discover the face within.

Sue has a special interest in working with ‘single wives’, those who are left to juggle children, the house, and their own work while their husbands are absent, and manage the shift in dynamics and routine when he returns. Some have put their own careers or businesses on hold to the point they have lost the “I” out of their LVES.

Sue is based in Brisbane, Australia, and works with individual and corporate clients throughout the world.

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