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Let Go And Grow weekly online radio show

Live Tuesdays  11 a.m. – 12 noon  Brisbane, Australia time. (Recordings available online afterwards here.)

28 February 2012 #23  Interview with Nathan McDonald, Black Belt Business

Guest Nathan McDonald, Business Strategist and founder of Black Belt Business shares his tips on staying clear, focussed and motivated as you work in gaining your Black Belt in Life as well as business.

7 February 2012  #22 Interview with Lisa Cutforth, the Nutritionist With A Difference.

Guest Lisa Cutforth, nutritionist, psychologist, entrepreneur and new mum shares her passion for food and fascinating insights into our relationships with food from childhood.

31 January 2012  #21  Interview with Olympian Selina Scoble

Selina shares the secrets of the Olympian mindset, how that relates to business and how you can apply it all to your own life.

17 January 2012 #20  Making 2012 Different

Sharpening your focus, effective planning and making sure 2012 is the year you want.

10 January 2012  #19 Stories of Change

A fiction story about love, loss, and letting go to let in the new, PLUS an adventure tale of walking across the Simpson Desert with 16 camels.   Note, there is a short transmission break around 20mins into the recording.

13 December 2011  #18  Interview with Kylie Welsh, SHEentrepreneur.

Kylie shares the 5 Pillars of being a true SHE entrepreneur, which helped her achieve success.

6 December 2011  #17  Interview with Trish Jenkins, speaker and author of “Dangerous Wealth”

Trish shares how it felt and valuable lessons she learnt going from prosperity to prison to rebuilding herself and her life.  Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of mixing emotion with investments.

29 November 2011 #16  Interview with Shar Moore, Diva-ologist and founder of The Style Network Group

This interview with international business woman and entrepreneur Sharon Moore moves from the uncovering your inner diva to the psychology of colour to essential elements of strategic alliances and business success to actioning a long term dream of establishing an orphanage for Thai girls.

22 November 2011 #15   Self Leadership First

You can’t lead anyone, not even children, without being able to lead yourself first.  Learn how to turn self sabotage into self motivation and much more.

15 November 2011 #14  4 Steps to Guilt Free Holiday

The four crucial steps to ensuring you not only have the well earned break, guilt free, you also manage your relationships, business, work colleagues so things run smoothly in your absence, and during your holiday.

8 November  2011   #13  Think Yourself Slim

  • Think yourself slim and healthy – mind/body connection 
  • 3 underlying reasons for excess weight
  • Strategies to release
  • Motivating goal setting

1 November 2011  #12  Memory And Stress: 2 perspectives

The impact of a stress overload on our daily memory, and the impact of our memories, both Past and Future, on our stress levels.  Break that vicious cycle of stress resulting in poor memory creating more stress and so on.  Learn practical powerful techniques to live in the Present where you have control and actually create your Future results.

18 October 2011  #11

Interview with the sassy Janelle Manton of Top Secret Women’s Business, sharing her thoughts on some hot topics.

11 October 2011  #10  Interview Benjamin J Harvey

Interview with the inspiring Benjamin J. Harvey, Director of Change at Authenic Education.  Benjamin has travelled the world, studying the field of self-empowerment and human potential with some of the greatest teachers of our time. Having previously held senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies, Benjamin is now CEO and Founder of three successful companies operating in personal development and human transformation.   Benjamin shares 5 key elements to gaining and maintaining a rich, successful life with minimum stress.

4 October  2011  #9

  • Talk yourself into success:  public speaking tips that work

27 September 2011  #8

  • Successful De-Stressing
  • the real underlying causes of stress
  • 3 levels of de-stressing:  physical, emotional,  psychological
  • Practical techniques and tips

 20 September 2011  #7

  • Intuition or Self Doubt?  How to tell the difference.
  • Importance of Due Diligence

 13 September 2011  #6

  • Love strategies for more harmonious homes and workplaces – identify yours, apply in the home, workplace, for disciplining children.
  • Claire – the pain of a visual strategy misused.

 6 September 2011   #5

  • Essential questions to ask a potential coach
  • Transition coaching
  • Power Values – what are they, how do you identify and use them?

 30 August 2011  #4    

  • Power of Focus on Finances to increase control and freedom.
  • R.A.S. and self programming
  • Re-programming – self talk, habits, intentions, memories, living in the Present.
  • Re-programming – unconscious level
  • Towards vs Away from Motivation

23 August 2011   #3

  • Personal Power – what is it, how to get it.
  • Determine if you are At Effect or At Cause in your life
  • Overwhelm to self control
  • Claire the Coaching Client –  Personal Time Stream, Internal Image.

 16 August 2011    #2

  • Self forgiveness
  • Escaping from abusive relationship
  • How you create your own reality
  • Secondary gain – benefits of pain
  • Power of focus

 9 August 2011    #1  

  • 3 Steps to letting go and growing: Clarity, Confidence, Motivation. 
  • Speaking with authentic confidence tip. 
  • Self forgiveness.

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