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Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do?

So much of your feeling of over-whelm comes from your mental chatter reminding you to do this, don’t forget that, what if that happens, what if it doesn’t happen, wouldn’t if be dreadful if you forgot, blah blah blah.    You

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How Will 2014 Be Different – for YOU? 9 Small Steps or 1 Leap to Get You on Path.

Recently I was blessed to spend a few days with dear friends of Peter’s in Aachen, Germany. (Aachen has a gorgeous heritage listed old heart, and delicious gingerbread speciality called Printen.) As Petra and I strode back through the frosty

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The 4 Currencies of Life

Did You Get Paid Without Realising?

Sometimes, particularly in small business, it can seem you are doing a great deal for not much return, that is, of the hard cash kind. It can be easy to get fed up, resentful and lose enthusiasm, which in turn puts potential customers and clients off, starting that downward spiral. Once you realise there are actually 4 currencies you can be paid in, it’s easier to shift your mood and perspective, opening up even more potential for growth.

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Free Webinar De-Stress For Success

Join Sue as she reveals the true underlying causes of stress AND the essential 3 layers of effective de-stressing so you can free yourself to feel the way you want. Life is too short not to reclaim your sanity and happiness now by putting this into practice.

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Turning Self Sabotage Into Self Motivation: Part 1 Clarity

Do you find yourself spending more time thinking about the task than actually doing it? Feeling guilty knowing you should be doing something else? Or do you start and find reasons to stop? There are 3 steps to moving from self sabotage into self motivation: Clarity, Confidence then Motivation itself.
Clarity is about firstly, awareness you are holding yourself back, secondly understanding why, and thirdly working out what you can do to change. Confidence comes from self belief, self worth, knowledge and experience. Motivation itself comes in two forms, one self-sustaining, the other only good for a kick-start

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Workshop: Let Go And Grow for Clarity Confidence Motivation

Not where you wanted to be this year? Spend a day gaining clarity, confidence and motivation, and set yourself up for success in 2012. Workshop 13 November in Brisbane.

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Understanding The 4 Fears Ruling Your Life – Part 4 Not Enough

As an adult the same patterns were playing out, with Nola feeling she was second best and not allowed to achieve more or faster than her sister, whether in a career, buying a home, finding a partner or having a baby. Whenever things seemed to be going right, particularly financially, Nola would make a choice which sent her spirally down again. Her, potentially unfounded, jealousy was driving a wedge into her relationship, pushing her partner away with distrust, accusations and spying.

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Understanding The 4 Fears Ruling Your Life – Part 3 Loss of Control

Every woman is different, and Anna identified that what she really wanted was to reconnect with her husband, and inject some fun into her life, so that’s what we then focussed on.
Jane, on the other hand, really valued family connection, so in the same situation she chose to reorganise her working week to allow space and de-stress time, and to work on clearing her underlying fears of childbirth.

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