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Mindfulness: 3 Reasons Why You Should Care

Have you noticed “Mindfulness” is popping up in the media and even the corporate world, and wondered what the fuss is all about? Here’s a quick summary of what it is, why it’s so powerful, and how you can get

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RUOK? gift session

#RUOK In the spirit of R U OK? day allow me to offer you relief with a gift session, as I did in 2016. Why? Because I know it’s hard work putting on the positive successful face when inside you’re

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Keeping That Holiday Feeling

We go on holidays to rest, recharge, have fun and adventures, yet so often that holiday feeling disappears almost as soon as we walk in the door at home.  Here are some tips on keeping that holiday feeling (originally from

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Procrastination: Purge and Prevent

The are 5 main underlying reasons for procrastination, and laziness isn’t one of them, despite what you, and others, may tell you.  Not all the reasons are negative, and awareness, as always, is the first step to change. How many

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Growing Content tips for separation, abusive relationships and re-building self-confidence

Here are 3 quick resources for you or someone you care about who either needs to leave, clear some head space, and/or have a good laugh. 1. For those separating or wanting to, check out the new Re-focus app  also available from your

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Spring into Spring…but what about the weeds?

So it’s Spring, at least here in Australia, a time of fresh beginnings. Whatever seeds you’ve sown previously are sprouting and popping up.  They need to be noticed and nurtured to keep that healthy growth and you thriving.  Now if you’ve noticed weeds

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Feeling Down About Your Finances, or Just Plain Stuck?

Take a leaf from the attitude from the Qantas CEO after posting a $2.8 billion loss, “Today’s financial year results are confronting. But they represent the year that is past. The Group is addressing its major challenges and we have

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Struggling to find your purpose?

What if your only purpose in life was to be the very best YOU you can be, while fulfilling your heart’s desires?   Does that make it easier? No need to be reaching for the stars if you are happily content

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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