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X Factor Essentials For Success in 2017

All the planning in the world, no matter how meticulous, won’t lead to a successful life without these other essentials: spirit of adventure, life balance, time travel, purpose and permission. Spirit of Adventure: Structures, systems, routines all serve their purpose,

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Client feedback

I would like to give a personal testimony about my experience with the AMAZING Sue Lester and how she has truly changed my life for the better. Not only that, the skills she has taught me will continue to apply

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How Are You Labelling Yourself – ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Average’?

Before watching this video decide which door you will walk through, ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Average’, then observe the consequences. Labels are simply that, a word slapped on to your forehead that determines your self-esteem, confidence, behaviour and therefore results.  Since you

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Growing Content tips for separation, abusive relationships and re-building self-confidence

Here are 3 quick resources for you or someone you care about who either needs to leave, clear some head space, and/or have a good laugh. 1. For those separating or wanting to, check out the new Re-focus app  also available from your

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EOFY If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes

Even if you’re not in business so EOFY (End of Financial Year) simply means great shopping deals, now is the perfect time to check in on yourself, and how you are tracking. Why? Well, self-awareness is the first step to

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Are tears a sign of weakness or strength?

What’s your automatic response to tears?  Do you feel embarrassed?  Do you immediately start to soothe and hush, aiming to stop the tears asap?  Do you have a different response if it’s a male rather than female crying?  Do you

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Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do?

So much of your feeling of over-whelm comes from your mental chatter reminding you to do this, don’t forget that, what if that happens, what if it doesn’t happen, wouldn’t if be dreadful if you forgot, blah blah blah.    You

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Clearing head trash in Hobart 31 October

Unconscious blueprints and head trash will be revealed as I’ve been invited to be guest speaker at the Women’s Network Australia lunch in Hobart on 31 October.  Join in the fun!  

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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