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RUOK? gift session

#RUOK In the spirit of R U OK? day allow me to offer you relief with a gift session, as I did in 2016. Why? Because I know it’s hard work putting on the positive successful face when inside you’re

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I no longer feel lost and hopeless.

“Hi Sue, Thanks again so much for the sessions and for that helpful last review session as well.  I look forward to continuing The Face Within [book] and using the tools / your advice regularly Here is my testimonial: “Before I met Sue

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Life’s Too Short to be in the Wrong Job – but what if it’s not ‘wrong’?

Whatever your ‘job’ is, whether you are employed, self-employed, wife or mother, chances are you spend the majority of your day ‘doing’ it.  And frankly, life is too short to spend it being miserable for the majority of your day. 

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De-Stress Tips Throughout Your Day

When your head is churning with what has been, what might be or all those things to do, go for a Senses Walk, ideally in fresh air and sunlight. You’ll come back calmer, thinking more clearly, and be so much more productive.

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Free Webinar De-Stress For Success

Join Sue as she reveals the true underlying causes of stress AND the essential 3 layers of effective de-stressing so you can free yourself to feel the way you want. Life is too short not to reclaim your sanity and happiness now by putting this into practice.

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Talking Yourself Slim

Is Easter still hanging around your hips? Here are 6 powerful tips to help you release the excess and start feeling better about yourself.

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The Curse of Choice

In our modern lives we are bombarded with choices every minute we wake, from the clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and shoes we select, where and how we exercise, the breakfast food we eat from the array on offer in our homes, the type of coffee we can make or buy and so on throughout our day. We can thrive on variety and options, or we can feel more and more stressed.

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4 Secrets To A Successful 2012

For things to be different, you need change something, and that’s where many people get stuck. Usually your thoughts, feelings and the meaning you give to events need to change first, then the actions you take, the habits or strategies you run each day. It’s much easier to change direction when you are moving, so coming out of holidays is the perfect time to make changes. After all, you need to

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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