FAQ on Inner Connection

It seems my introductory video on the Inner Connection programme raised more questions, so the answers below could help you or that person you wish to help.

  1. What benefit is Inner Connection to me, I’m a busy person?
  2. What’s so different about it, after all, I’ve done lots of personal development?
  3. I’ve read your book already & have a business coach, so why do I need this?
  4. Why did you choose that day & time?
  5. What if I can’t make a session? Will it be recorded?
  6. How long does it go for? Is it tax-deductable?
  7. I was expecting that personal invitation you promised so why didn’t you call?


  1. If you are busy stretching to be business owner, career woman, mother, wife (or male versions), you need to be able to plug into a quick affordable source of head trash clearing, support and accountability to keep you feeling on top of it all.No matter what your level of success, challenges and doubts arise, and the quicker they are resolved the faster & easier your progress.Life is not meant to be a frantic race that leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled. Inner Connection gives you 1-1.5 hours per month of a ‘flush &‘tune-up’, plus interim 1:1 support as needed.
  2. Inner Connection combines the richness of experience and connection of a small in-person workshop, the convenience of online, and the personalisation of 1:1 attention. There is a Zoom app so you can join in from your phone too. You can remain anonymous by turning off your PC video. It’s designed to share techniques and knowledge to enrich your personal, home and work life (please share them on), plus deep level mindset shifting processes using the best of neuroscience. It works on all levels – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Within the overall structure, the content is tailored to the ongoing needs of the group.  It’ll keep you on track feeling calm, confident and centred, easily taking action and riding life’s ups and downs, knowing help is just an email away. (You could finally get value out of all those courses you’ve bought but not actioned fully – yet!)
  3. By joining the Inner Connection and clearing ‘head trash’ you’ll find it even easier to take action and really get maximum value out of your business, health or other coach.The programme builds on my book “The Face Within” content and takes you much further.You’ll get to experience the processes mentioned, and much more, including mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques). Plus, because you’re in a different space now, you’ll benefit from revisiting the content and exercises as you’ll experience them at a deeper level of understanding.  Clear enough? Subscribe here now

  4. The 2nd Wednesday of each month at 12 noon AEST was chosen to best fit in with school hours, lunch breaks, school/public holidays, other time zones, and energy levels. I’m happy to run another session on 2nd Thursday at 8 p.m. AEST for 4 or more – just ask.
  5. Each month session is a self-contained part of the ongoing whole, so you can start any month.The videos and resources in the membership site cover the essentials so you won’t feel lost when you begin.Join now so you can take advantage of those now.There will be (technology permitting) an audio recording of the first hour made, but the Q&A where some of the best gems appear, will not be recorded, to respect the privacy of those in attendance.
  6. The $87 per month includes gst, conveniently automatically debited to your credit card, and at the end of each financial year you can ask for a tax receipt for ‘Business Coaching’ for you to discuss with your accountant.Inner Connection is ongoing with no end date in sight. An initial minimum commitment to yourself of 6 months is recommended so you start enjoying the compounding effect.
  7. Apologies!  Getting the technological structure set up has taken longer than expected (surprise!), so I’m still calling with personal invitations as promised, but knew I couldn’t get to everyone before launch, hence the emails.  Don’t wait to sign up – I’ll make yours a personal thank you & welcome call instead!

I hope this has made it clearer for yourself, and easier for you to now recommend Inner Connection to that person you are thinking of. Here’s the link to subscribe

or share this link:  http://www.growingcontent.com.au/gcic-intro/