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Smart Healthy Women Magazine

Cover story Issue 40 "Declutter Your Mind"

Cover story Issue 40 “Declutter Your Mind”

Cover Story: Why Can't Mums Have Fun Too?

Cover Story Issue 41: Why Can’t Mums Have Fun Too?



Cover story Issue 42:  “Freedom Begins Within”









Honestly Woman Magazine

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Working Woman Magazine


A collection of some of the editions Sue's had articles published in.

A collection of some of the editions Sue’s had articles published in.

Cover article "Is Having A Coach A Waste Of Money?"

Cover article “Is Having A Coach A Waste Of Money?”











Clear some head trash and de-stress by reading some of Sue Lester’s articles published in Working Women magazine on the links below:

“10 Steps to Aging REALLY Quickly”   WNA018 SummerAutumn16_Page63_LR

“Easily Forgotten Money Making Strategies”    WNA Summer Autumn14 page 30 LR  

“Is Hiring A Coach A Waste of Money?”    WNA Summer 12-13_Page9_LR

“5 Ways to Reclaim Your Personal Power”  WNA Winter 12_Page54_LR

“Is Your Unconscious Blueprint Sabotaging Your Business?”  WNA Winter 13_Page06_LR

“How to Thrive as a Single Wife”  SueLester_WNAAutumn14_Page41_LR

“Were You Paid Without You Noticing?”  WNASpring13Page47LR

“Take a New Line of Attack on Self-Esteem Barriers”  WNA Summer 11_Page38_LR

“11 Tips For Surviving Your Family Christmas”  SueLester_WNASummer13_Page48_LR



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