Some people just shouldn’t be parents.

Some people just shouldn’t be parents. No, I’m not talking about you, Guilty Mummy. The fact you feel guilty means you care enough to recognise you may need help building your own self-esteem, confidence and trust so you can be the best parent you can be. (Lots of deep sleep would help too.) And if you’re not feeling love to your baby at all, then that’s

You weren’t born asking ‘Does my bum look big in this nappy?’

a sign of postnatal depression, not that you are a bad mother or father. Seek professional help to move through that block, today, so you and your baby can both feel the love you need.

I’m actually thinking about a new client’s parents. Though if they hadn’t, my beautiful client with all her yet unacknowledged gifts would not be here.
I’ve been asked frequently over the past 10 years, especially when I worked at Paddington Clinic and Embrace Life, how I deal with the traumatic stories some clients reveal. Firstly I know I can help so I don’t get swept into the emotional pain of helplessness or unfairness. (I also have spent much time and continue to do so on clearing my own head trash.) Being calm and centred allows my clients to feel safe, respected and heard. They share stories and feelings never told to anyone else.
From there we work together to clear the pain and head trash, optimize their unconscious blueprints and open up possibilities and actions to create the life they thought was only for more deserving people. By reprogramming toxic patterns and beliefs they are able to love themselves, nurture themselves and thereby allow themselves to love and be loved in healthy ways.
Every so often, just when I think I’ve heard it all, another story widens my eyes further. In times like that, the idea we’re all on journeys of growth and pre-choose the lessons we want each lifetime gets me over the initial shock. Then it’s my job to help my clients find ways to clear the muck and find their lesson so they can learn and move on, so the pain experiences no longer need to be re-lived, this life or next, whatever your belief.
So yes, I choose to bear witness to their painful stories because I know I have the gifts, expertise and experience to help them write a better next chapter.
I’m packaged under mindset coach, but really, I’m a healer.  
If this resonates with you and feels like I may be able to help you, then let’s have a chat about options.
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