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“(After the Ditch the Bitch workshop) I was working on my own beliefs in myself and integrating my self-love and self-worth into my daily routine with family and friends, ensuring that I place a priority on my needs while balancing everyone else’s expectations on me and my time. This training (Reclaim Your Personal Power) has given me the courage to acknowledge where my power holds the most value and to follow my intuition to be clear in my belief in myself. I had fun and was comfortable in expressing my opinion. Most useful was the Intuition exercise and learning about contracting and expanding messages.  The end result for me is clarity.”  – Teneale 26/6/2016

“Most useful at Reclaim Your Personal Power was the information on and analysing self-empowerment. I love the meditation techniques. We learnt the difference between at effect and at cause, moving from powerless to powerful.  The end result for me is self-empowerment.”   Bernadette Leonard, Owner/Operator, Alchemy Well-Being Café  26/6/2016

“Most useful at Reclaim Your Personal Power was cutting the energetic chord and discussing living in the present. When I came to the workshop I had low self-esteem and trust in my partner. The end result is very positive”   Jenni 26/6/2016

“At Reclaim Your Personal Power the most useful was clarifying at effect and at cause. When I came to the workshop I had lost motivation. During the workshop we clarified loss of personal power, and being at effect and at cause. The end result is a clear understanding of personal power.”  Leanne  26/6/2016

“Sue presented an hour session on mindset for the Write Speak Grow group on 28 August 2015, with 18 women in the audience. Sue is an experienced presenter who engaged the audience well with stories, exercises, written responses and open discussion. The concepts in the content were probably familiar to many, yet were offered with Sue’s unique perspective and insight, so the whole session was fresh and enlightening. Mindset is a perennial topic which we all relate to, and the workshop offered new tools and insight.”  Bev Ryan, Book Coaching & Publishing Services,


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If you are looking for a cost effective way of making lasting changes for yourself, or for your group or business team, read on.

Sue regularly runs workshops & webinars open to the public, and also custom designs training experiences for groups and the corporate sector.  De-Stress For Success, Self Leadership First, and Communication With Connection are three very popular topics.  Each is tailored to the individual audience’s needs.

Growing Content In-house Training Experiences

Tailored to meet your business or group’s specific needs, these 1 day experiences are more than just another workshop or seminar which feels great in the moment, then fades away in day to day reality.  Across the board, less than 10% of workshop participants ever apply anything they learn.

Growing Content is different. Because Sue Lester utilises powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming processes, participants find it easy to implement and integrate changes in their business and personal lives.  The ROI becomes significant. The knowledge and practical techniques taught can be applied afterwards in all areas of life, and shared within personal networks.

TO BE RELEASED SOON:   The Impact of Your Unconscious Blueprint in Business series  

Contact for a tailor-made solution for your team.

Training/workshop suggested topics:

De-Stress For Success

This is the ‘fresh start’ or ‘clean slate’ experience.  Participants are able to clear toxic backlogs of anger and fear, reducing stress and anxiety, and enabling them to be assertive rather than aggressive.  They change an underlying negative self-belief, enabling themselves to feel more confident. Practical de-stress techniques are taught, including a perspective change on their own personal power.

Participants will also learn the secret to harmonious relationships, effective goal setting and how to install a resource anchor so they can feel instantly confident and calm in any situation.   There is an option to complete Level 2, which focuses on clearing the excess hurt and guilt which muddy interpersonal communication, and more.

Self Leadership First

As it is impossible to lead others, including children, before leading yourself, this focuses on self-beliefs and identity, interpreting communication, boundary setting and creating balance within all areas of life.  Powerful decision-making techniques, including identifying the difference between intuition and self-doubt, are taught.  The power of focus, the most effective and enduring forms of motivation, and the Four Steps To Creating Lasting Change round off this empowering experience.

Communication With Connection

The slate is clean, self-leadership is coming naturally, so the next step is communicating effectively with others, including staff, clients, family and colleagues.  Fear of Public Speaking holds many otherwise successful people back unnecessarily, so underlying fears and beliefs are changed.  This experience also explores rapport, the power of language styles and techniques such as Double Binds.  Win-win negotiation skills are included, and an emphasis on sales strategies is another option.

Other needs?

If your business or group has a specific niche need, whether an aspect of the suggestions above or something entirely different, please contact Sue Lester to discuss your solution.   Half day to 7 day experiences can be designed to create the changes you want to see.

To register your interest in the next workshop, or to enquire about a personalised workshop or Speaker for your group, email Sue Lester on:  or call on 0428 128 679.


Introducing  Sue Lester, your catalyst of change.

During over 20 years in education and social enterprise the one thing that stood out for Sue Lester is that the only thing really stopping people from moving forward is their mindset. Help them change that and they can change their world. Sue started her business Growing Content to do just that.

Sue Lester is a qualified teacher, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, a Personal Results Coach, radio host, author and Speaker.   Sue has coaching clients across SE Asia and beyond.

In addition to the Transition Coaching Program, Sue developed and runs De-Stress For Success, and Personal Power Transformation workshops and retreats, and numerous in-house training programs for a variety of organizations. Topics in demand include ‘De-stress For Success’, ‘Self Leadership First’ and ‘Communication With Connection’.

In demand as a guest speaker, Sue also writes regularly for a number of online magazines and forums. Her long awaited first book “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” was published 8 July 2013. Somewhere in all of that Sue makes time to de-stress herself with bush & beach walks, travel with her partner Peter, and chocolate.


B.A. Dip.Teach. Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis & Neurological Repatterning, Master Results Coach, Certified mBIT Coach, Cert IV Training & Assessment.

Sue is registered with the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She holds a current Blue Card and First Aid Certificate.

What people are saying:

“Sue is a fantastic presenter and a great facilitator. She has given me wonderful advice and perspective when I needed it. Sue is clear and concise with her presentation skills. She’s engaging and keeps the atmosphere friendly and open for any immediate questions. Sue’s coaching, for myself, was spot on. Whenever I felt stuck she would help push me which is exactly what I needed. Sue helped me achieve 2 major breakthroughs and I couldn’t be more grateful for them.”  Jesse, Actor

“Great Aura, lovely way of being. Fabulous facilitator.” Claire, Business Coach

“Sue, you made me feel so comfortable & calm & welcome. Thanks!” Jane, Accounts Manager.

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