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All good coaching programs have goal setting, accountability and ongoing support. The problem is without the missing piece, just knowing what to do isn’t enough. It’s easy to slip into overwhelm, or continue your procrastination and self-sabotage, for all the reasons you haven’t already succeeded.

The missing piece is the expertise and experience of a Head Transition Coach who can help you:

  1. Clear those mental blocks as they appear.
  2. Change your dis-empowering self beliefs.
  3. Identify your Power Values and link them to your goals for instant motivation.
  4. Shed the pain of your Past once and for all.
  5. Step into your Personal Power so you feel calm, confident and centered.
  6. Design and install new behavioural strategies for your success.
  7. Communicate effectively with connection at home and in the workplace.
  8. Learn powerful mindset shifting techniques you can use and share.
  9. Consistently achieve your goals, without driving yourself into the ground.
  10. Easily say No, guilt free, with boundary setting and maintenance
  11. Easily say Yes, guilt free, with more self trust and self worth.

You know you don’t have to be sick to get better. Whichever stage you are at, when you are ready for the next level, book your time to change with an enlightening 1 hour Success Map session.

In your Success Map session together we’ll measure exactly where you are across your life, pinpoint your optimum focus area and map out your path to follow.   Book yourself in now, email your contact details and preferred days/times to  with Success Map as the subject.  Sessions are conducted by telephone or Skype worldwide.   (Full price at 11 February 2015 is $195.  Please advise if you have a special offer card from Sue when booking.)

Transition Coaching: for those ready to let go and grow.

What Others Are Saying:

“Sue Lester is a true catalyst of change. She knows precisely how to make your life the extraordinary adventure you deserve.”  Benjamin J. Harvey, Founder of Authentic Education

” With so much going on in life, getting clarity and focus was extremely difficult and then Growing Content came along. The Head Transition coaches at Growing Content have kept me focused for over 12 months now and both my business and personal life have not been better. The ability to have Sue Lester to keep me accountable has been amazing.  I can highly recommend her services.”  Nathan McDonald, Founder & Business Instructor, Black Belt Business

“When I first met Sue I knew she was the type of person I could trust, and rely on to give me unbiased personal and business advice. Sue has a great way of making you look at life from a bird’s eye perspective, which is really important – especially if you find you are a bit “side tracked” in life. I’m glad I have someone like Sue to guide me through it all. I know I’m still in my early stages of becoming the person I want to be, but I know that when I succeed Sue will definitely have played a big part in helping me achieve my goals. If you want to know more about Sue and what she has to offer to you, feel free to call me anytime on 0418 708 454, you won’t look back.”  James Hay, Fused Air-conditioning

 “I find it difficult to fully express the amazing changes that Sue Lester and her coaching techniques have helped bring to my life. Sue is the ultimate Life Coach who has been able to help guide me through both personal and business issues and arm me with techniques to deal with future issues when they arise   Her coaching has made such a difference to my outlook on life and the challenges it throws, my relationships both personally and professionally, and my overall health and well-being.  Sue has the amazing ability to say just what I need to hear in a wonderfully practical and no-nonsense way.   The thought of not investing in my well-being and future direction is now just so foreign.  I truly believe that if more people embraced NLP and Sue’s Coaching techniques, the world would be a better place.”   Cara Phillips,  Founder of Carmaje Skincare

Video testimonial from Trish Jenkins, author and international speaker, below:

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