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VIDEO TESTIMONIAL above from Trish Jenkins, Author and International Speaker.

Written with the stressed business woman in mind - easy to read and apply.

Written with the stressed business woman in mind – easy to read and apply.

  Are you overdue for an internal image makeover?

Your mind plays a powerful role in creating and healing dis-ease in your body.  Your    unconscious blueprint of yourself, and/or others, can be a significant underlying cause of your mental, emotional and physical pain.

If you are experiencing any of the ‘head trash’ issues listed below, you can definitely benefit from working with Sue Lester by telephone or Skype (no matter where you live in the world):

• Anxiety, depression, phobias

• Excess Weight, reluctance to exercise, smoking

• Relationships, including boundary setting issues

• Unexplained infertility, I.V.F support, pregnancy or birth fears.

• Pain older than 6 weeks, migraines & tension headaches

• Lacking direction or clarity, low self esteem

• Stressed, sleep issues, overwhelmed.

* Abuse or bullying from childhood to now.

In your sessions you’ll tap into the power of your unconscious mind to identify and change what has been causing you pain in your life.  The modalities utilised, for example N.L.P (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Hypnosis, work at the deep unconscious level, where all lasting change occurs. You achieve results much faster than you expect.  You can feel safe knowing Sue refuses to use any processes that involve re-living trauma.

Sue loves sharing and teaching you techniques that you can use for the rest of your life as needed, and share with your family, friends and staff.

Comments from a few clients:

Link to video: Testimonial for Sue Lester from Trish Jenkins

“I was not knowing my purpose, full of self-doubt. I worked on clearing anger, sadness and fear. I now feel relaxed and ready to experience the changes in being, doing and having as I take the next steps on my journey.” Lesley

”When I came to Sue Lester I was struggling to make healthy eating and drinking choices, and keep my weight under control. I wanted to have more energy, be more focussed and look better for business as well as personal reasons. During the session we worked on changes in strategies, goal visualisations and belief changes. The result is I’m finding it so easy to eat healthily, and even when we’re out on the boat I don’t miss those glasses of wine at all. I feel great!” Marilyn Thurtell, MTR Property Group[hr]


Session packages available via Skype Tuesdays – Fridays  8 a.m. – 7 p.m. Brisbane Australia time, worldwide.

Your life is NOW, not tomorrow. Why not enjoy it now!

To plan your path to a happier, healthier life and book your time to change contact us here: http://www.growingcontent.com.au/about-sue/contact-us/



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