What is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a set of specific techniques which align the conscious and unconscious mind and body. It enables individuals to quickly and effectively re-design their physical and emotional responses to their world to produce the best possible results in all aspects of their lives. That is, we can quickly and easily unlearn those childhood lessons which are mis-shaping our adult lives.

NLP was developed in the 1970’s by scientist Richard Bandler and linguist John Grinder from their studies of highly successful therapists, Virginia Satir (Family therapist), Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapist) and Milton Erickson (the Father of modern Hypnotherapy). These three therapists were transforming their clients’ ways of thinking, feeling and behaving in seemingly miraculous ways.

Bandler and Grinder aimed to discover exactly what occurred in the minds and bodies of clients at the moment change occurred. The resulting techniques of NLP enable people to effectively gain control of their minds and therefore their behavioural results in a matter of hours rather than years.

Neuro – understanding the nervous system’s ‘reality’ through the five senses, and creating new neurological pathways to broaden the world view.

Linguistic – an awareness of communication, and using language to guide the mind towards change.

Programming – understanding the mind is like a computer with ‘software’ which can be reprogrammed or upgraded using specific tools and techniques.

Who is in control during the NLP session?

You & I are!  Success is determined by your willingness to be responsible for, and fully participate in, your own changes and healing.  Some complex deep-seated issues may require more time and commitment to resolve than others.  At all times you are in control of your situation, and are guided to work through your issues, whether at a conscious or unconscious level, at a self-determined pace. Happily, NLP techniques enable you to release any negative imprinting without having to re-live any past negative or traumatic experiences.

What Problems can be treated?

Dis-ease of the mind can cause disease of the body, so a wide variety of health issues can be worked on as part of a holistic mind-body-spirit approach. Releasing backlogs of negative emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and guilt is part of this. Attitudes to exercise and food groups can be adjusted so healthy lifestyle choices become automatic. Using NLP could help women through, or perhaps even avoid, the anguish of possible infertility. It is ideal for pregnancy support and birth preparation, clearing the fears which intensify labour pain.

Most importantly, the tools and techniques of NLP can help women free themselves to enjoy their lives, whether that includes actually giving birth, or finding other ways to be creative and nurturing in their lives.  NLP is fast and effective for Non-smoker Conversion, eliminating Phobias and most significantly, changing negative and self-limiting habits, attitudes and beliefs. Re-aligning Values and recognising strategies for giving and receiving love can ease marital issues.

Does it work over the telephone?

Absolutely – as hundreds can confirm!  Over the years I’ve honed my telephone work so well I mostly only do telephone (and online video) sessions now. Obviously that’s very convenient for any one not living in Brisbane, but even locals still use up precious time tidying up, battling the traffic then at the end of the session when you are relaxed, and possibly temporarily tired, you have to battle the traffic home.  So much more convenient simply to pick up the telephone.

Will you run workshops for private groups?

Absolutely!  I generally require a minimum of 6 participants in the Greater Brisbane area, and 15 further afield, however please contact me to discuss your group’s particular needs and budget.

I can’t attend a workshop. Can I do the same program one-on-one?

Yes, just contact me for the individual price.

Is it suitable for children?

Yes, especially for teenagers. For younger children, particularly in the Imprint Period of 0-7 years, the most powerful results come when the practitioner works with the parents, helping them make the changes they want to see.

Can I have N.L.P during pregnancy?

Absolutely! Because trauma or negative emotions do not need to be re-lived to be released forever, an NLP session is generally a calming and empowering experience. Issues around not bonding with your unborn child, fears about the birth and trauma from previous birthing experiences, low self-esteem or confidence or a general sense of being overwhelmed can all be resolved quickly.

Is it expensive?

Not at all, in fact, compared to many business coaching and therapeutic programs, and given the powerful lasting results, Growing Content’s services are under-priced. (So take advantage before the rates increase!)   Seriously, what is your daily unhappiness costing you now – your health, your work productivity, your marriage, your relationships, your finances and your children?  What will it continue to cost you if you don’t take action now?

Who is Sue Lester?

For over 25 years I have helped hundreds of people reach for their dreams, particularly through education and social enterprise. I have a passion for helping people empower themselves, and therefore their families, to develop the resilience, skills and strength to live rich lives.  I believe one of the most powerful way I can do this is to facilitate pregnant women to develop even deeper bonds with their unborn babies, clearing the fear & pain associated with birth, as this impacts significantly on the babies’ development, their ability to thrive, and to grow into well-adjusted adults.

My journey began in the classroom teaching, but when I re-discovered the power of NLP I was project managing two large youth mentoring programs for a social enterprise (195 pairs of mentors and students).  I rushed back into the classroom to study, and today continue to build on that foundation with ongoing professional development. I was very excited by the results I could achieve for myself and others, but also by the realization how effectively using NLP could help women (and men) through, or perhaps even avoid, the anguish of possible infertility, and traumatic birthing experiences. My business has flowed out to encompass transition and holistic well-being since.

The tools and techniques of N.L.P can help women free themselves to enjoy their lives, whether that includes actually giving birth, or finding other ways to be creative and nurturing in their lives.  As a wise woman said, children are the icing, not an ingredient of whole women.

Like most women, over the years I have battled my own demons and shared the pain of other women’s, and men’s, battles with their bodies over fertility, too much or not enough, their losses, guilt and fears.  I understand the importance of a holistic mind-body-spirit approach to healing, and to Life itself. I believe that helping one helps many, and that clearing the past clears the future.

I have a private consultation/coaching practice in Brisbane (North Lakes), and coach/consult a wide variety of clients across Australia and NZ.

I also enjoy teaching and sharing through workshops, seminars and speaking engagements whether to an audience of 5 or 5000.

I will be running De-Stress For Success workshops which provide a safe, economical alternative to individual consultations for those seeking to regain emotional control, and leave the baggage of the past behind.

Growing Content Conception Coaching Program is a unique personal development/coaching program for women & couples struggling to deal with possible infertility. The combination of an individual diagnostic session, small group workshops and coaching sessions & tasks clear the past, clarify exactly what is needed to move forward, and provide a clear path to success.

I love my work, seeing the wonderful changes I help my clients create for themselves, and I look forward to helping you make the changes you want to see too.

Sue Lester B.A. Dip. Teach. Master Practitioner of N.L.P, Neurological Repatterning, and Hypnosis, Master Results Coach, Certified mBIT Coach, CertIV Training & Assessment.


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