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EXCITING NEWS!!! My book editor says it’s “bloody good”.

Clearing head trash has never been so easy! My editor says my book manuscript is “bloody good” !

So to celebrate the coming release of my much anticipated book “The Face Within: How To Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” I’ve packaged up a pre-release super bonus deal for you.

It includes my book (of course!) – think of it as a self-change kit. It introduces my original work on identifying and changing your unconsciuos blueprint (life changing!), plus loads of fascinating case studies, practical techniques and exercises to really shift your head trash off your path. Use it at home and at work to help others too. No need to be concerned it’s a hard slog – I wrote it to be easily read by the over-worked, stressed, what-the-hell-am-I-doing person.

PLUS my classic powerful Problem Dissolving Process recorded just for you on CD, with full instructions. I’ve been using this process with client

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How are you travelling along your life path?

How are you travelling along your life path?
Limping along, knowing you have a stone in your shoe, but telling yourself it’ll work itself out, and anyway you are ‘too busy’ to stop a moment and do something to remove the pain?
Or are you taking agonisingly small steps because you won’t admit you’ve outgrown your shoes and it’s time to step up and into bigger ones?

Perhaps you are standing at the crossroads, unsure which will be the right path for you?

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De-Stress Tips Throughout Your Day

When your head is churning with what has been, what might be or all those things to do, go for a Senses Walk, ideally in fresh air and sunlight. You’ll come back calmer, thinking more clearly, and be so much more productive.

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Bundaberg Boost flood relief feedback

I came to the workshop feeling tired, overwhelmed, SAD, and a bit ALONE. During the workshop we became a group of worthwhile, worthy women! I now have a calmness, positive “I can” go on. – Mary S.
When I came to the workshop I was feeling a little battered, lost and unworthy. During the workshop we identified ways to build belief in ourselves and tips to be consistently in control. The end result is I feel lighter, in control, powerful and strong. – Melanie Jacobsen

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Losing or Letting Go – dealing with death

Walking along the beach early one morning this week, as I do, it hit me that I was about to lose both my mother and father in law. That word ‘lose’ was like a knife to my gut. I couldn’t bear it – it sounded too much like I had failed in some way, that I’d had some control in the matter and let things slip. So I decided to use ‘let go’ instead.

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Testimonials – what my clients are saying #1

Sue Lester is the ultimate Life Coach who has been able to help guide me through both personal and business issues and arm me with techniques to deal with future issues when they arise. Her coaching has made such a difference to my…

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The Great Peach Rush: learning from ants

Finally one ant appeared on the plate of treasures, quickly followed by another – “Ah, early adopters,” winked my friend, Lisa.

Funny how human those ants seemed! Which ant would you have been?

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A Fresh Start For Your Business and You in 2013

Coming back after holidays can be a real drag, but it’s the perfect opportunity to make those changes you’ve been wanting to see, and promising yourself you’ll do. Before you slip back into old routines and bad habits, integrate those changes into your weekly schedule. Is it more marketing, networking, strategic planning, systems or online promotion you’ve been meaning to do more of? What support and accountability do you need?

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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