Problem Dissolving Process

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind and dissolve your problems into solutions. This power process utilises quantum linguistic questioning to bypass the fears, doubts and insecurities of your conscious mind to access the calm creative wisdom of your unconscious mind. All your answers are inside, you only have to ask and listen in an effective way.

Problem Dissolving NLP Process (Audio download or hard copy)


Something that is a problem to one person, is not necessarily a problem for another.  Different people respond to different situations in different ways. To create a problem in your life, at the deepest level, you have put a boundary around the problem or issue, so you know where it starts and more importantly, where it ends.  No matter how horrendous a problem is, it never consumes 100% of someone’s life – though it may feel like it does at times!  What this powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming process does at the deep unconscious level, is to dissolve the boundaries around your problem. It simply becomes part of your life, to be dealt with and move on.

For some times, the end result will be “What problem?” For other times, you’ll think of a person or course of action as a solution. And other times you will see it from a different perspective.  For example, if a woman feels trapped in an abusive relationship, this powerful process will not dissolve her partner, nor will it make her suddenly blissfully unaware of the abuse. It can, however, dissolve the belief that she is trapped and helpless, and help her identify solutions and actions, empowering her sense of self.

The CD contains an introduction, full instructions, the Problem Dissolving process and bonus de-stress techniques.  It can safely be used as often as needed, and after the first full listening time, may only take 10-15 minutes to dissolve a problem or two.

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Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

About the author

Sue Lester is a catalyst of change and adventurer at heart. She travels the globe exploring ways to helping people break through their boundaries.  In demand as a key note speaker, head transition coach and facilitator, Sue inspires and facilitates the mindset shifts from self-sabotage to self-motivation. After an inspirational moment during a client session, Sue discovered and started researching the existence and impact of our unconscious blueprints, and most importantly, how to change it for good, as you discover the face within.

Sue has a special interest in working with ‘single wives’, those who are left to juggle children, the house, and their own work while their husbands are absent, and manage the shift in dynamics and routine when he returns. Some have put their own careers or businesses on hold to the point they have lost the “I” out of their LVES.

Sue is based in Brisbane, Australia, and works with individual and corporate clients throughout the world.

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