Self Forgiveness Process

Self Forgiveness Process audio

Self Forgiveness Process

Self Forgiveness Process   (Audio download)


The only person you ever need to forgive is yourself.  No matter what you have or haven’t done, or what others have or haven’t done to you, the only person that controls the impact of that on your life, past, present and future, is YOU.  Therefore, the only person you ever have to forgive is yourself.  Isn’t it time to free yourself?

Forgiveness can play a significant role in healing by reducing the stress and tension in your body that comes from reliving past pain, feeling helpless, and mentally beating yourself and others up.  The traditional way is to forgive others, however that doesn’t always work for a couple of reasons. There’s a built in ego element there when you say you forgive someone, as you come from a superior position. You forgive them for not living up to your values and standards. When a person doesn’t feel in a superior position, they struggle with forgiveness as the power remains very much in the perpetrator’s hands.  Accepting what’s done is done, and choosing to forgive yourself completely claims your personal power back, and enables you to move forward easily.

This is the forgiveness process referred to in Chapter Nine “Pain and Dis-ease” in the D.I.Y. head trash clearing book, The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint.  You will be guided to forgive yourself at the deepest level, easily and effortlessly releasing the weight of associated painful emotions.  

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Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

Sue Lester, head trash clearing specialist

About the author

Sue Lester is a catalyst of change and adventurer at heart. She travels the globe exploring ways to helping people break through their boundaries.  In demand as a key note speaker, head transition coach and facilitator, Sue inspires and facilitates the mindset shifts from self-sabotage to self-motivation. After an inspirational moment during a client session, Sue discovered and started researching the existence and impact of our unconscious blueprints, and most importantly, how to change it for good, as you discover the face within.

Sue has a special interest in working with ‘single wives’, those who are left to juggle children, the house, and their own work while their husbands are absent, and manage the shift in dynamics and routine when he returns. Some have put their own careers or businesses on hold to the point they have lost the “I” out of their LVES.

Sue is based in Brisbane, Australia, and works with individual and corporate clients throughout the world.

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