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Are you putting in more hours than you expected when you bought into the Entrepreneurial Dream?

The Time Guru, Nathan McDonald’s complimentary online training is all about remedying this. He is here to give you back your most precious asset. TIME. Let me say that again, your most precious asset, TIME.

It affects everything. Relationship with your spouse, your relationship with your kids, your ability to pursue your hobbies, your meaning, your everything.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Next Thursday 14th June at 9:30am, we are here to give you back your most precious asset back under control.

Register here for this dynamic, powerful, one of a kind online training.

In this online training, you’ll discover:

  • How some simple Martial Arts Principles Nathan has learnt can be used to have massive impact in every day-to-day business life. Got him back massive amounts of time.
  • How Dylan used Procrastination to his advantage and now never procrastinates about much at all.
  • How Cynthia went from working 65 hours per week (stressed and tired) and managing a family to just make ends meat, to now working 30 hours a week in just 14 months.
  • How Troy, a Plumber turned 4 hours of interruptions a day into adding 4 new team members on within 3 months.
  • How Pauline, went from not having any systems or processes in the business, and a massive cash leak, to systeminzing her business in just one month and adding 35% to her GP.

I really believe you cannot afford to miss out on hearing this. Invest 1 hour of your time to get hours a week back.

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