Are you overcomplicating things?

Last night I sat in Bille Brown Studio experiencing Anton Chekhov’s play “The Seagull” for the second time this year.  What an incredibly different experience! They could have almost been different plays. It started me thinking about how easily, in our quest to do our very best, to put ‘our stamp’ on things, we can fall into the trap of over complicating, and almost spoiling the end result or experience.  More money thrown at a project doesn’t necessarily result in corresponding improvement in quality or experience. I must add I did enjoy both, and each had a very talented cast.

In March, the production was low budget with a very simple yet highly effective set design. The music was woven in by a live soloist. The plot, and most importantly, subplots of shifting relationships between the ten characters, I found easy to follow.  The characters were recognisable as real people.

Last night, the modern references and asides, the loud modern songs blasting out, muddied the plot and relationships. Fellow audience members around me were muttering “Who is he meant to be?” “Are they married now?”  “What just happened?” Nuances were lost during the additional ‘entertainment’.

So for me, and perhaps for you, it’s time to learn from this and think, “Where am I overcomplicating things? Is there a simpler, clearer way to share my message, to serve, to get things done?”  After all, the simpler the process, the faster the progress, the sooner desired results are achieved.  Less complications = less stress.  The easier you make it for others to understand what you want, the more likely they are to comply, resulting in smoother progress for all involved.

So, think about what areas of your life, your business or your relationships are creating the most angst or tension for you.

Clarify your desired outcome. (If you don’t know, how can anyone else do more than guess?)

Does everyone involved genuinely know and understand exactly what and why you want, plus the benefits to themselves?  Or have you just been assuming ‘of course they know’?  Remember, everyone has a different reality based on how they filter and process information coming in through all their senses 24/7.  They can’t and don’t think, feel, act like you, because they aren’t and can’t be you.  That’s why you can have opposing views, yet both be right.

Examine how you’ve been operating, and look for ways of simplifying.  Sometimes asking a direct question, particularly of men, is the simple path to success.  Are you asking for the sale?  Asking for specific help? Explaining clearly and simply how your product or service can help?  Laying out a clear step by step path to follow?

There is wisdom in the saying, “Less is more.”



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