Growing Older or Just Getting Old?

Walking along the beach this morning thoughts of growing older vs getting old were swirling around. On the weekend I helped an aunt celebrate her surprise 70th birthday party, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and long-term friends. A dear friend, at 65, has just graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Nutrition) – so proud of her starting a new career! My own birthday is coming up, and I’m sure I can’t possibly be that number yet, I must have miscalculated!

Over the years I’ve had new mindset coaching clients say, oh, I’d like to X but I’ll be Z years old before I finish. Well, yes, but hopefully you’ll still get to be that age anyway, whether it’s with or without that qualification or experience is your choice. You’ve probably heard that before, I have, but often we hear things without stopping to consider how that shows up in our own lives.

I think you grow old when you start becoming inflexible, resistant to change and trying new activities, new concepts, new friends, going new places. Your unconscious blueprint (your internal image programming your identity and therefore behaviour) can change and be changed. When your spirit is willing, it’s never too late.

You don’t need to suddenly quit your job, leave your spouse, or go base-jumping, though perhaps you might decide you need to for your own sanity and happiness. You can start with small actions like sitting in a different place at your own dining room table, ordering a different style of coffee, going to a new cafe, and wearing cheerful colours instead of black.  Stretch your change muscles gently, and build up strength, so you don’t injure yourself and those around you.  You’ll know your starting point: if the thought of doing it makes you a bit uncomfortable, that’s your boundary edge.  You don’t need to leap over it, just stretch it out further, so you have a larger comfort zone to play in.

If you need help, just know you have permission to ask for it.

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