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Growing Older or Just Getting Old?

Walking along the beach this morning thoughts of growing older vs getting old were swirling around. On the weekend I helped an aunt celebrate her surprise 70th birthday party, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and long-term friends. A dear friend,

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Are “Fresh Starts” Really Possible?

Have you ever wished you could just stop, and start all over? Or perhaps you have? Did you find it worked, or did you discover your problems followed you?  Going somewhere new (job, relationship, city), making a “fresh start” can

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Saint or Sinner? Your perspective counts!

30 years ago when Ian and I parted ways I didn’t intend to become a saint…and honestly, I haven’t. He’s spent his life being a wonderful teacher, in the classroom, on the oval and in the library. He’s a loving

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You Can Disagree And Both Be 100% Right

Next time someone insists he is right, when you know he’s not, remember two things: He is right. Him being right does not make you wrong. You can both be right while holding opposing views. That’s probably not what you

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Feeling Down About Your Finances, or Just Plain Stuck?

Take a leaf from the attitude from the Qantas CEO after posting a $2.8 billion loss, “Today’s financial year results are confronting. But they represent the year that is past. The Group is addressing its major challenges and we have

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Key Points from “Ditch the Bitch”

As promised, here are the key points from my “Ditch the Bitch: Turn Self Sabotage into Self Motivation” presentation at the 8th annual Australasian Association of Professional Organisers AAPO at the Gold Coast 25th July. * The biggest bitch in your

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Lessons From Laos #1 People treat us how we train them to

Reflecting on my recent trip to Laos, running workshops and coaching sessions with the ex-pat women, a few ‘lessons’ have occurred to me.  This is the first: #1  People treat us how we train, then allow them to. Perhaps, like

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Are tears a sign of weakness or strength?

What’s your automatic response to tears?  Do you feel embarrassed?  Do you immediately start to soothe and hush, aiming to stop the tears asap?  Do you have a different response if it’s a male rather than female crying?  Do you

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