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Growing Older or Just Getting Old?

Walking along the beach this morning thoughts of growing older vs getting old were swirling around. On the weekend I helped an aunt celebrate her surprise 70th birthday party, surrounded by her children, grandchildren and long-term friends. A dear friend,

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Essential Self-Care Mindset Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Even those of us blessed with sunny Queensland winters can be affected by the cold and shorter days, and the nasty germs flying around that leave you feeling tired and miserable. So it’s even more important during these months to

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Because a healthy mind means a healthy happy you in Mental Health Month. A complete personal power transformation course, INCLUDING mindset shifting deep level NLP and other processes (those ones mentioned in my book ‘The Face Within’ you now get to

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Oops left out the body in that mind-body connection

If you’ve noticed I haven’t been around as much, in person, networking, online or email, that’s because I’ve been sleeping. Yep, between coaching client and other appointments I’ve been flat out, possibly even snoring.  Hopefully not drooling.  Drives on the motorway were becoming

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A Fresh Start For Your Business and You in 2013

Coming back after holidays can be a real drag, but it’s the perfect opportunity to make those changes you’ve been wanting to see, and promising yourself you’ll do. Before you slip back into old routines and bad habits, integrate those changes into your weekly schedule. Is it more marketing, networking, strategic planning, systems or online promotion you’ve been meaning to do more of? What support and accountability do you need?

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Older But Not Old – At 92?

If I hadn’t known, I would have guessed she was in her early 70’s. Perhaps a young looking 78, but certainly not 92. Come to think of it, I’ve met women in their 50’s who are considerably older! That may sound odd, but I believe there is a huge difference between growing older and growing old. Growing older is a blessing, for most of us, as the alternative isn’t very appealing. “Birthdays are good for you – they keep you alive.” Growing old, however, is optional.

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