I no longer feel lost and hopeless.

“Hi Sue,

Thanks again so much for the sessions and for that helpful last review session as well.  I look forward to continuing The Face Within [book] and using the tools / your advice regularly ?

The Face Within printed book

Your D.I.Y. head trash clearing book, designed with the over-stretched stressed woman in mind, so easy to read and apply.

Here is my testimonial:

“Before I met Sue Lester, as a uni student I found myself constantly feeling worried and pessimistic about my future. I was lacking in decisiveness and self-confidence, and my increasing level of stress was affecting my behaviour and in turn, the people around me. I was also dreading returning to university for the new year and came close to quitting my degree. Although reluctant to begin coaching initially, I allowed Sue to teach me numerous life skills and techniques which helped enable me to clear negative emotions and unnecessary self-doubt, realise and nurture important relationships, improve my self-care and better equip myself for university. Now, I am more hopeful for the future and content with where I am at currently. I now have goals and a path to strive for, as well as an array of useful tools that I can reuse in many future situations. Sue has been greatly helpful to me and I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone feeling lost or hopeless like I once did.”


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