When a client demonstrates my ‘WHY’ – love it!

From: Karen

Sent: Wednesday, 31 August 2016 2:13 PM
To: Sue Lester
Subject: Re: testimonial

Hi Sue

Who would have thought this was easy to write!

“What started out as help with managing anxiety grew into something so much bigger than I could have ever imagined or wished for. In a relatively short space of time you helped me understand my anxiety, my trigger points and how to deal with them.  You gave me tools and taught me thought processes to manage this and reduce my anxiety to almost non existent.

Our journey continued as you mentored me through the stresses of work, gave me tools and processes to improve in all of those areas that I didn’t enjoy about work (managing difficult people jumps to mind!).  Along the way you also had advice for me about my children, dealing with a change of schools and provided games to play with them to really find out what was going on in their beautiful minds.

The best thing about our sessions was that it made me STOP!  To stop and reflect on everything in my life – what I was enjoying, what I passionate about and tweaks I needed to make when things weren’t quite so perfect!  In this day and age of “go go go”, I never realised the huge benefit of stopping to reflect and spending time on ME.  I left each session feeling a sense of accomplishment, refreshed and energised.  Thank-you so much Sue for sharing your insights and guidance.


Happy for you just to use my first name.

Good luck with your new challenges, and I look forward to catching up for a coffee and hearing all about it!




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