You assume too much! Do they really know what you think they do about you?

A friend was in severe pain, physical, and also dealing with 3 of life’s biggest stressors, so I offered her a gift hypnotherapy phone session.  At the start, despite the heavy duty painkillers, she said her pain score was 7/10. Thirty minutes later it was 3/10, and after another 15 minutes, 0/10.

She then asked how come, after all these years, she’d never heard I did hypnotherapy?  I had assumed she knew, automatically linking, as I do in my practice, NLP and hypnotherapy.  That got me thinking… What else am I, and you, assuming people know about our skills, expertise and experience in our businesses and careers?  Probably, like me, you’ve continued to learn and grow over the years.

People who knew me from my days at Paddington and Embrace Life clinics might not know how I now coach successful women who have lost the spark of adventure out of their lives.  Or that I do keynote speaking, and facilitate in-house training for businesses who value their team members and a positive workplace dynamic. Or that I’ve published a D.I.Y. head trash clearing book “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint “.

Those who know me as a head transition or mindset coach might not know I utilise hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), unconscious blueprints™, intuitive and energy work to ease anxiety, depression, low confidence & motivation, stress, infertility, fear of public speaking, pain and health issues, both in and outside of my coaching programmes.

Yes, even though my signature coaching progamme runs over 24 sessions, for maximum life changing results, of course I’ll happily help you deal with a specific issue in a shorter time. I’m here to serve.
Book in for a chat about your needs or call me on 0428 128 679 and leave a message.

And who needs to know what about you?  Actually, what don’t I know about you, that would help me refer people to you, or help you improve where you are or find that ideal job you’re seeking?  (Please email or call me personally, don’t just stick me on your mailing list.)

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