Without This, Your Resolutions and Goals Are A Waste of Time

New Year Resolutions have become the butt of so many jokes, and some people are even allergic to goal setting. This practice makes progressis hardly surprising given the poor success rate, and the associated feelings of guilt and failure with them. The fact is, you can be as diligent and thorough as you can with setting out your weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, 5 year and 10 year goals, and your Vision boards, but it’s all a waste of time without two crucial factors.

The most obvious of the two is Action. Naturally, without consistent, focussed action nothing substantial or really worthwhile is achieved. The Law of AttrACTION is not the Law of Wishful Thinking. Moving closer to your destination involves taking steps, one after another, at whatever speed you wish. The sooner you want to arrive, the faster or larger steps you need to take. You do control the pace. Simple in theory, but as you’ve probably found, incredibly difficult at times.

Why? It can be simply that your goals are written to match other people’s values, not yours. You’ve basically written a list of shoulds, musts and ought-tos according to other’s views of Success. No wonder it’s a struggle – the items simply aren’t really that important to you. Instead, experiment with focussing on what you really want e.g. Dream XYZ and then consciously link all those otherwise tedious tasks and goals back to that. E.g. Because I want to enjoy Dream XYZ this year I’ll happily make 20 telephone calls today, do my BAS on time today, cut up my credit card today, exercise and make healthy choices today etc. Every day remind yourself of your reasons and rewards.

The second crucial factor is that to DO the actions to HAVE that Dream XYZ, you firstly have to BE the type of person who achieves goals and dreams. If you aren’t an authentic match to your dreams, and fears, doubts and other head trash block your path, then you’ll struggle. So what to do?

Firstly, identify your Unconscious Blueprint™ (refer to my book “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” available at www.GrowingContent.com.au/shop-now and Amazon Kindle or book an appointment with me). If your unconscious blueprint is disempowering, whether a much younger age than your chronological age, insecure,

The Face Within printed book

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unhealthy or unhappy looking, update it as soon as possible. It’s the ‘specifications manual’ your unconscious mind ‘crew’ are using to navigate your journey, so it’s crucial it supports rather than hinders you without out of date programming.

Next, ensure you allow time and space for yourself amidst the daily rushing to simply be. Meditate, stare at the sea or flowers, daydream or navel-gaze for a minimum of 15 minutes out of your 24 hours to still and clear your mind. This gives you peace, time to digest mentally and physically, and space for solutions to flow in. Take time to ask for help from your inner wisdom/The Universe/God, listen for the answer then take action. You’ll find yourself being the person you desire to be, more easily taking action towards your desires, and therefore achieving them.

Imagine how you’ll feel now!

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