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Need More Time, Money and Happiness?

If you want to save time, make more money, and feel great about yourself and your life, this is definitely for you!  Here’s how working with an expert mindset coach: Saves You Time Imagine the difference to your busy life

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Without This, Your Resolutions and Goals Are A Waste of Time

New Year Resolutions have become the butt of so many jokes, and some people are even allergic to goal setting. This is hardly surprising given the poor success rate, and the associated feelings of guilt and failure with them. The

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Forget the Magic Beans, let 3 Magic Words Take You to the Golden Goose

There’s power in the number 3, so put it to good use throughout the year to keep yourself on track. Ideally you would have planned out this year in the last quarter of last year, if not earlier, so you

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A Fresh Start For Your Business and You in 2013

Coming back after holidays can be a real drag, but it’s the perfect opportunity to make those changes you’ve been wanting to see, and promising yourself you’ll do. Before you slip back into old routines and bad habits, integrate those changes into your weekly schedule. Is it more marketing, networking, strategic planning, systems or online promotion you’ve been meaning to do more of? What support and accountability do you need?

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Changing Habits: 5 Steps to Success

It’s that time of year again, the New Year Resolutions, the fresh start, whatever you want to call it. Time to review your life and where you are headed, and change a habit or two to ensure your new goals are met.
Here are 5 steps to help you succeed:

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Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2013

The key to ending up where you want to be is knowing where that is, and planning how to get there!

If you haven’t already set your overall goals for this year, make some time now to get out a sheet of paper and either write down the answers to these questions, or use the intuitive method below…

p.s. for business planning I suggest you map out your marketing campaigns, workshops, speaking events, etc on an annual calendar, which is also dispayable. A guestimate is all you need to start – your money is in your calendar.

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Your Mid Year Stock Take

It’s the mid-point or end-point of the year, depending whether you work in financial years or not. So how are you tracking? Is there a smile of satisfaction on your face, or a look of disappointment or fear? No need to despair, the rest of your life starts a second from now, so you can always start afresh. Doing well? Great, and you can also learn and move on, by following these steps

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4 Secrets To A Successful 2012

For things to be different, you need change something, and that’s where many people get stuck. Usually your thoughts, feelings and the meaning you give to events need to change first, then the actions you take, the habits or strategies you run each day. It’s much easier to change direction when you are moving, so coming out of holidays is the perfect time to make changes. After all, you need to

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