X Factor Essentials For Success in 2017

All the planning in the world, no matter how meticulous, won’t lead to a successful life without these other

Leap into your life!

Leap into your life!

essentials: spirit of adventure, life balance, time travel, purpose and permission.

  1. Spirit of Adventure: Structures, systems, routines all serve their purpose, but to stave off boredom and slipping into a rut you need the thrill  adventure brings. It can be as simple as driving a different way home from work, going to a new café or ordering a different type of coffee.  A new look for you, your office or your business? An exciting (but well-planned and documented) JV with a complementary business? A trek in Nepal or volunteering in a Kenyan slum school and orphanage? (2 of my favourite adventures)

Tip: Reigniting your spirit of adventure stimulates, builds confidence, creates fun and makes you more interested and interesting. It keeps you young at heart, and open to growth.

  1. Life Balance: Forget work/life balance. It’s a fallacy. Think of a set of scales with you on one side, and whatever combination of work, play, relationships, healthy choices, adventure on the other side needed to balance YOU.  Naturally that combination will shift and change over time, even day to day. That’s life.

Tip: When you feel out of balance, look to the other side and consider what combination feels best for now. Act.

  1. Time Travel: Use that Tardis of your mind for good not evil. When you go back to the past, instead of wallowing in pain, notice what you missed at the time, what you could have done differently to get the results you wanted. Go out into the future to a similar occasion and experience yourself dealing with the situation and easily achieving the results you wanted. Visit the future to clarify what you really want, to see your successes, then come back to the present and take the actions needed. That includes preparing so that a potential negative situation either doesn’t happen, or you are at least prepared if it does.

Tip: Remember, the only moment that is real is right now, the rest exists only in your imagination. Life is really just a string of moments. Enjoy your present.

  1. Purpose: I believe your life purpose is to be the very best YOU possible. Honing and putting your natural
    Life is too short to spend with anyone who wants to change you to fit their idea of who you should be.

    Life is too short to spend with anyone who wants to change you to fit their idea of who you should be.

    talents to good use, connecting with others and contributing positively. Continue to learn and grow, being kind to yourself and your body. Say ‘no thanks’ to unhealthy choices from love.  Beware distractions from those who wish you to live their version of what your purpose is.

Tip: Your answers are inside, and yes, sometimes you may need help to learn how to tap in to your inner wisdom. That’s OK.

  1. Permission: The only permission you really need is yours.  Underneath the fears, doubts, guilt, excuses and stories you tell yourself, your heart knows. Your head has the creative solutions, and your gut the courage to adjust your identity at the deepest level and take action to make it happen.

Tip: Consult all three, head, heart and gut, to ascertain your wisest solution.

So, what to do now?  Decide today one thing for each heading that you can commit to implementing, to improve your 2017, and beyond. Diarise it, plan it, do it!

Of course, if you need assistance with controlling your Tardis of the mind, changing habits or learning how to Sue Lester with The Face Withinintegrate your head, heart and gut intelligences, I can help. That’s my purpose, part of being the best Sue Lester possible.  Choose from individual or group mindset coaching, workshops, audio processes, and of course, my D.I.Y. head-trashing clearing book, “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint”.   Book a complimentary 15 minute chat here.


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One comment on “X Factor Essentials For Success in 2017
  1. Kay says:

    Thank you for this creative inspiration, Sue. A timely reminder as I plan for 2018.

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