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#RUOK In the spirit of R U OK? day allow me to offer you relief with a gift session, as I did in 2016. Why? Because I know it’s hard work putting on the positive successful face when inside you’re feeling tired, unhappy, worried, indecisive, in pain, even suicidal. It doesn’t mean we are failures, just human, and that’s OK. This is about helping you regroup and recharge for the next step.

You won’t even have to share what your concerns are, if you don’t want to.
For example, in 30-60 minutes by Skype, Zoom or phone you could choose:
* a deeply relaxing ‘mental massage’ (hypnotherapy)
* to relieve pain: physical or emotional, anxiety, depression, phobia

*dissolve a problem or two, without disclosing the issue, using a powerful NLP process
* to gain clarity on your solution and next steps
* a sounding board for whatever you want to let out

Yes, there are millions who may need it more than you, but we both know they won’t take action. A quick hand up for you now is worth more to the world because you are already out there, making a difference (even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes – you do count.)

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch!” (Mum said) so here’s the catch:
You need to book on this link and have your telephone, Skype or Zoom (live video) session before 30 September.

My payment is giving to you, knowing there will be a positive ripple on effect in your life. that feels great, plus I love my work. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then pay me – cash, in kind, referrals, testimonials, book 2nd paid session, whatever you need to feel better about accepting this gift.

(To refresh your memory – I integrate mindset & Results coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Unconscious Blueprint reprogramming, hypnotherapy, mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques), Reiki and energy work as needed for individuals and teams.)

Book yourself in now and you can relax.


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