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RUOK? gift session

#RUOK In the spirit of R U OK? day allow me to offer you relief with a gift session, as I did in 2016. Why? Because I know it’s hard work putting on the positive successful face when inside you’re

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You assume too much! Do they really know what you think they do about you?

A friend was in severe pain, physical, and also dealing with 3 of life’s biggest stressors, so I offered her a gift hypnotherapy phone session.  At the start, despite the heavy duty painkillers, she said her pain score was 7/10.

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Do the opposite – it works!

“Do the opposite” is your tip for July.  To be more productive, de-stress and re-focus you seriously need to have a lunch break, particularly if you haven’t had any mini-breaks every 90 minutes. To make the most of your break,

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Top 3 Benefits Of Having An NLP Trained Coach

If you want to save time, make more money, and feel great about yourself and your life, this is definitely for you. Saves You Time Imagine the difference to your busy life if you were always calm, relaxed, sleeping well

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Your Heart Aches, Your Head Is Clogged and You Don’t Have the Guts To Change?

When I heard of the concept of us having three brains – head, heart and gut, as weird as it may seem, it so made sense!  I’ve personally, as well as with my clients, experienced conflict between knowing intellectually the

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Jump Into 2015 Master Class Program #2

This is for you if you’re now ready to jump into 2015 but need a clearer head, more confidence, and a focussed action plan. Please register for Jump into 2015 Masterclass Program #2  at: Your program includes: * 3 x 1.5

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Hypnosis, Cyclones, Trauma and PTSD

I yelled angrily at my partner this morning because he was insisting on driving up the coast into the path of the cyclone – how bloody stupid! As I stormed out of the room I saw our little cat slinking

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Be Warned: Bucket Lists Can Do Harm

‘Bucket Lists’ (a list of things you’d love to do before you die) sound like they should be fun, hopefully motivating and a bit of harmless dreaming really.  But like many tools, vision boards, affirmations and axes included, if used

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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