Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do?

So much of your feeling of over-whelm comes from your mental chatter reminding you to do this, don’t forget that, what if that happens, what if it doesn’t happen, wouldn’t if be dreadful if you forgot, blah blah blah.    You get anxious that you’ll forget something important, but most of the chatter is repetitive small stuff about your daily routine or other people’s wants.  A large chunk isn’t even real; it’s just your imagination making up scary stories.

So the path to heavenly silence in your head is to write your Mega To Do List.  Absolutely everything you need to, have to, must, should do, from cutting your toenails to petitioning your local politician, updating your website, ringing your mum to advertising for a VA.  It helps if you dump it out into categories, even if simply into three: Home, Work, Other.  Keep dumping it all out until you feel there’s nothing left. You’ll know because you’ll feel lighter.

You can choose this moment to go into melt down over how much you ‘have’ to do or you can choose to relax knowing it’s all accounted for.  You then go back to your normal daily, weekly, quarterly business planning in your diary, highlighting and focussing on your top 3 priorities. They will be much easier to identify now your head is clearer.  Every so often you can review your mega list if you wish, to tick off completed items and cross off things no longer applicable; otherwise it has served its purpose and can be ‘filed’ appropriately.

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