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Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do?

So much of your feeling of over-whelm comes from your mental chatter reminding you to do this, don’t forget that, what if that happens, what if it doesn’t happen, wouldn’t if be dreadful if you forgot, blah blah blah.    You

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Setting Yourself Up For Success In 2013

The key to ending up where you want to be is knowing where that is, and planning how to get there!

If you haven’t already set your overall goals for this year, make some time now to get out a sheet of paper and either write down the answers to these questions, or use the intuitive method below…

p.s. for business planning I suggest you map out your marketing campaigns, workshops, speaking events, etc on an annual calendar, which is also dispayable. A guestimate is all you need to start – your money is in your calendar.

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Your Mid Year Stock Take

It’s the mid-point or end-point of the year, depending whether you work in financial years or not. So how are you tracking? Is there a smile of satisfaction on your face, or a look of disappointment or fear? No need to despair, the rest of your life starts a second from now, so you can always start afresh. Doing well? Great, and you can also learn and move on, by following these steps

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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