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Keeping That Holiday Feeling

We go on holidays to rest, recharge, have fun and adventures, yet so often that holiday feeling disappears almost as soon as we walk in the door at home.  Here are some tips on keeping that holiday feeling (originally from

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Essential Self-Care Mindset Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

Even those of us blessed with sunny Queensland winters can be affected by the cold and shorter days, and the nasty germs flying around that leave you feeling tired and miserable. So it’s even more important during these months to

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Procrastination: Purge and Prevent

The are 5 main underlying reasons for procrastination, and laziness isn’t one of them, despite what you, and others, may tell you.  Not all the reasons are negative, and awareness, as always, is the first step to change. How many

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Feeling Down About Your Finances, or Just Plain Stuck?

Take a leaf from the attitude from the Qantas CEO after posting a $2.8 billion loss, “Today’s financial year results are confronting. But they represent the year that is past. The Group is addressing its major challenges and we have

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6 Tips to get off that downward spiral now!

It’s almost the end of February and I’ve noticed there’s more space again at the gym, in the Body Balance classes, and on the walkways by the beach and in the bush. The same pattern happens every year. It’s sad

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Overwhelmed With Too Much To Do?

So much of your feeling of over-whelm comes from your mental chatter reminding you to do this, don’t forget that, what if that happens, what if it doesn’t happen, wouldn’t if be dreadful if you forgot, blah blah blah.    You

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How Will 2014 Be Different – for YOU? 9 Small Steps or 1 Leap to Get You on Path.

Recently I was blessed to spend a few days with dear friends of Peter’s in Aachen, Germany. (Aachen has a gorgeous heritage listed old heart, and delicious gingerbread speciality called Printen.) As Petra and I strode back through the frosty

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Letting Go In Ladakh

“No way am I getting on a horse!” I stated vehemently. I could feel my jaw tighten and my stomach squirm. I have nothing against horse riding normally, in fact have quite enjoyed trail rides over the years, even managing to stay on while trotting and cantering. This was different. We were in Ladakh, in the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau in far northern India. A stunningly beautiful land in a harsh way, …

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