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February – Cupids, Demons and Disappointment

February is a challenging month for many, and I’m not just talking about the emotional turmoil around St Valentine’s Day!  Schools reopening signal the end of holiday mode and the adjustment to ‘normal’ life. Even without kids, you’ve noticed the

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Unhealthy vs Healthy Relationships

“In Chapter 13 I discuss how to change your unconscious blueprint(TM) of yourself and your partner, but for the moment start focussing on what you want to see or hear or feel from your partner.  You’ve already proved you can easily

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Christmas Bah Humbug

If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, it’s OK, and you are perfectly normal! The imagery we see in Australia of what Christmas ‘should’ be is based on the American commercial ideal, and bears very little connection to reality. Unfortunately, many see the huge gap between the glossy imagery of blithely happy families in excessive consumerism and perfection and their own reality as a sign that they have failed in some way,

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