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Christmas Bah Humbug

If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, it’s OK, and you are perfectly normal! The imagery we see in Australia of what Christmas ‘should’ be is based on the American commercial ideal, and bears very little connection to reality. Unfortunately, many see the huge gap between the glossy imagery of blithely happy families in excessive consumerism and perfection and their own reality as a sign that they have failed in some way,

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The Curse of Choice

In our modern lives we are bombarded with choices every minute we wake, from the clothes, jewellery, cosmetics and shoes we select, where and how we exercise, the breakfast food we eat from the array on offer in our homes, the type of coffee we can make or buy and so on throughout our day. We can thrive on variety and options, or we can feel more and more stressed.

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RADIO program “Let Go And Grow” weekly online

Weekly online radio program recorded for listening at your convenience. Each week explore different ways you can gain the absolute clarity, authentic confidence and inspired motivation to change your world.

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