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You Can’t Unsee A Sign

As I stepped onto the beach as usual, just on sunrise, I noticed two things. Firstly, lots of seaweed – a sign the winds and currents had shifted direction. Secondly, washed up to the high tide mark, a small but

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A good news story about strangers collaborating

With all the racism hype and negativity around, last night’s experience at the Melbourne Qantas terminal was really heart-warming. While looking for a seat at the departure gate I noticed an elderly woman with a woollen scarf around her head

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USA Radio interview on the show “Shedding The Bitch”

Sue Lester recently interviewed by Bernadette Boas. Shedding The Bitch Radio show interview The Face Within Changing your Unconscious Blueprint with Sue Lester Based in Atlanta, Georgia, fiery Bernadette Boas has a weekly radio program “Shedding the Bitch”.  We discussed

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Fun(d) Raiser “Girls’ Night Out” on luxury MV Seabreeze

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Hungry, Would You Choose 50c With, or $1 Without A Condom?

Intellectually we know the ‘right’ answer. Kenyan women whose family trees have been decimated by AIDS know the ‘right’ answer. But faced with daily hunger & grinding poverty yourself, and looking into your children’s hungry eyes, what would you choose? 

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Why Say “NO” For Them?

Just wanted to share I’ve exciting news today which really confirms it pays to push your comfort zone out. I’ll be presenting “Ditch the Bitch” at the National Speakers Association of Australia Convention in Canberra in just 2 weeks! So

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Hypnosis, Cyclones, Trauma and PTSD

I yelled angrily at my partner this morning because he was insisting on driving up the coast into the path of the cyclone – how bloody stupid! As I stormed out of the room I saw our little cat slinking

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5 Star reviews of “The Face Within” on Amazon Kindle

5.0 out of 5 stars ‘You live the life of the person you believe you …, 10 December 2014 By Susan ‘You live the life of the person you believe you are’ … Quote Sue Lester from her latest book

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