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Are “Fresh Starts” Really Possible?

Have you ever wished you could just stop, and start all over? Or perhaps you have? Did you find it worked, or did you discover your problems followed you?  Going somewhere new (job, relationship, city), making a “fresh start” can

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How Are You Labelling Yourself – ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Average’?

Before watching this video decide which door you will walk through, ‘Beautiful’ or ‘Average’, then observe the consequences. Labels are simply that, a word slapped on to your forehead that determines your self-esteem, confidence, behaviour and therefore results.  Since you

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Struggling to find your purpose?

What if your only purpose in life was to be the very best YOU you can be, while fulfilling your heart’s desires?   Does that make it easier? No need to be reaching for the stars if you are happily content

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How Will 2014 Be Different – for YOU? 9 Small Steps or 1 Leap to Get You on Path.

Recently I was blessed to spend a few days with dear friends of Peter’s in Aachen, Germany. (Aachen has a gorgeous heritage listed old heart, and delicious gingerbread speciality called Printen.) As Petra and I strode back through the frosty

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Is having a coach a waste of money?

I’m delighted to have another article published in the national Working Women magazine.  Here’s the link to the online version.  Your feedback is welcome!

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The 4 Currencies of Life

Did You Get Paid Without Realising?

Sometimes, particularly in small business, it can seem you are doing a great deal for not much return, that is, of the hard cash kind. It can be easy to get fed up, resentful and lose enthusiasm, which in turn puts potential customers and clients off, starting that downward spiral. Once you realise there are actually 4 currencies you can be paid in, it’s easier to shift your mood and perspective, opening up even more potential for growth.

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The 3 Keys To Change: Clarity Confidence Motivation

Let Go And Grow”  FREE Webinar   REGISTER HERE 3 keys to making change in your life: Gaining Clarity, authentic Confidence, and the inspired and sustainable Motivation to move forward.   This webinar is for you if you are in a transition

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Turning Self Sabotage Into Self Motivation: Part 2 Confidence

A lack of confidence is a key cause of self sabotage as we try to protect ourselves from failure, from looking silly, or being criticised……So authentic confidence comes from within, from knowing and liking who you are, with faith in your ongoing abilities to learn and succeed. Having that certain level of…

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