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Growing Content tips for separation, abusive relationships and re-building self-confidence

Here are 3 quick resources for you or someone you care about who either needs to leave, clear some head space, and/or have a good laugh. 1. For those separating or wanting to, check out the new Re-focus app  also available from your

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EOFY If Nothing Changes Nothing Changes

Even if you’re not in business so EOFY (End of Financial Year) simply means great shopping deals, now is the perfect time to check in on yourself, and how you are tracking. Why? Well, self-awareness is the first step to

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How Will 2014 Be Different – for YOU? 9 Small Steps or 1 Leap to Get You on Path.

Recently I was blessed to spend a few days with dear friends of Peter’s in Aachen, Germany. (Aachen has a gorgeous heritage listed old heart, and delicious gingerbread speciality called Printen.) As Petra and I strode back through the frosty

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The 3 Keys To Change: Clarity Confidence Motivation

Let Go And Grow”  FREE Webinar   REGISTER HERE 3 keys to making change in your life: Gaining Clarity, authentic Confidence, and the inspired and sustainable Motivation to move forward.   This webinar is for you if you are in a transition

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Turning Self Sabotage Into Self Motivation: Part 1 Clarity

Do you find yourself spending more time thinking about the task than actually doing it? Feeling guilty knowing you should be doing something else? Or do you start and find reasons to stop? There are 3 steps to moving from self sabotage into self motivation: Clarity, Confidence then Motivation itself.
Clarity is about firstly, awareness you are holding yourself back, secondly understanding why, and thirdly working out what you can do to change. Confidence comes from self belief, self worth, knowledge and experience. Motivation itself comes in two forms, one self-sustaining, the other only good for a kick-start

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Workshop: Let Go And Grow for Clarity Confidence Motivation

Not where you wanted to be this year? Spend a day gaining clarity, confidence and motivation, and set yourself up for success in 2012. Workshop 13 November in Brisbane.

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Time Is Flying Away With Your Life

Back in January where had you expected to be in your life, in your business, by October? If you’re not where you wanted to be, now is the time to take action so 2012 can be your best year yet. This action involves planning, and probably letting go of some old habits, systems or beliefs, so you can continue to grow.

There are 3 stages to follow to make this easier: Clarity, Confidence and Motivation. Choose just one area of your life to start with e.g. career, finances, relationship, health.

workshop 13 November

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RADIO program “Let Go And Grow” weekly online

Weekly online radio program recorded for listening at your convenience. Each week explore different ways you can gain the absolute clarity, authentic confidence and inspired motivation to change your world.

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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