De-stress Your Mind Tip #2

Video series: De-Stress Your Mind Tip #2 Be present where you are safe.

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De-stress Your Mind Tip #1

Video series: De-stress Your Mind Tip #1 Breathe

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Shedding The Bitch radio show interview

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, fiery Bernadette Boas has a weekly radio program “Shedding the Bitch”.  We discussed my book “The Face Within: How to Change Your Unconscious Blueprint” and the power of our internal images of ourselves and others to

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Do the opposite – it works!

“Do the opposite” is your tip for July.  To be more productive, de-stress and re-focus you seriously need to have a lunch break, particularly if you haven’t had any mini-breaks every 90 minutes. To make the most of your break,

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Saint or Sinner? Your perspective counts!

30 years ago when Ian and I parted ways I didn’t intend to become a saint…and honestly, I haven’t. He’s spent his life being a wonderful teacher, in the classroom, on the oval and in the library. He’s a loving

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You Can Disagree And Both Be 100% Right

Next time someone insists he is right, when you know he’s not, remember two things: He is right. Him being right does not make you wrong. You can both be right while holding opposing views. That’s probably not what you

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Need More Time, Money and Happiness?

If you want to save time, make more money, and feel great about yourself and your life, this is definitely for you!  Here’s how working with an expert mindset coach: Saves You Time Imagine the difference to your busy life

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Tap Into All Three Sources of Your Inner Wisdom

All your answers are inside, it’s just a communication breakdown that’s causing the conflict or confusion.  The following exercise will assist you to come back into alignment and tap into all three of your intelligences*, in your head, heart and

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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