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I’m heading off to Laos in March to run 2 workshops for ‘single wives’ and their spouses: “Putting the ‘I’ back into your LFE” (women only) and “De-stress For Success” For dates and everything else you need to know click

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5 Words to Heal Hurt & Resentment Instantly

There are five little words that can magically free you and heal hurt-based resentment. This solution acknowledges that each of us has our own reality, based on how we filter information through our senses. It also acknowledges we have our

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De-Stress Tips Throughout Your Day

When your head is churning with what has been, what might be or all those things to do, go for a Senses Walk, ideally in fresh air and sunlight. You’ll come back calmer, thinking more clearly, and be so much more productive.

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The 4 Currencies of Life

Did You Get Paid Without Realising?

Sometimes, particularly in small business, it can seem you are doing a great deal for not much return, that is, of the hard cash kind. It can be easy to get fed up, resentful and lose enthusiasm, which in turn puts potential customers and clients off, starting that downward spiral. Once you realise there are actually 4 currencies you can be paid in, it’s easier to shift your mood and perspective, opening up even more potential for growth.

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Free Webinar De-Stress For Success

Join Sue as she reveals the true underlying causes of stress AND the essential 3 layers of effective de-stressing so you can free yourself to feel the way you want. Life is too short not to reclaim your sanity and happiness now by putting this into practice.

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Testimonials: The Kitchen Table Network

Speaker testimonials from Jackie Price and Tatia Power of The Kitchen Table Network

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Sneezing Supermum

If you valued yourself more, felt happier about yourself and your life, you’d find it easier to make healthy food and drink choices, and build your body’s resistance to bugs and viruses. Less stress, less weight means more self esteem and more happiness.

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Testimonial Key Business Network

The material & information that Sue shared with the KBN group I believe to pertinent to all in business. The messages were clear, with practical tips & in plain English. Sue’s presentation was delivered in a professional & business savvy manner. In short her delivery was simply significant!

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Conflict and chaos into calm – find out the easy way here:

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